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1. You did a good job. 做得棒!

2. That is very good writing. 写得真好喔!

3. We have plenty of time. 还有时间喔,别担心啦!

4. Don’t be shy. 不要害羞嘛。

5. Follow me. Let’s do it again. 跟我做,我们一起再做一遍。

6. Nobody is perfect. 没有人是十全十美的!

7. You did many things today. 你今天做了不少事呀!

8. You’ve progressed a lot. 你真是进步不少呢!

9. Terrific! 太好了,太棒了!

10. Fantastic! 太好了,太棒了!

11. Excellent! 太好了,太棒了!

12. Wonderful! 好极了。

13. You are so capable. 你很能干!

14. Congratulation! 恭喜你!

15. So lovely! 好可爱!

16. Never mind. You’ve tried hard. 没关系,你已经很努力了。

17. You are right. 你做对了。

18. Marvelous! 真是杰作!

19. It’s a surprise. 真令人惊讶!

20. Try one more time, you’ll make it. 再试一次你就可以做到!

21. Your pronunciation is pretty good. 你的发音很漂亮。

22. You’re improving fast. 进步真快!

23. You did a wonderful job. 做得漂亮。

24. That’s correct. 那就对。

25. You did it. 你做到了。

26. You’re very special. 很突出哦!

27. You are learning so fast. 你学得真快!

28. Pretty good! 很不错!

29. Keep going, work hard, go go. 继续加油努力!

30. Keep going. 继续保持!


31. How wonderful you are. 多美妙呀!

32. I love you so much. 我好爱你!

33. That’s it. 那就是了!

34. You did a marvelous job. 做得好极了!

35. Keep trying. 继续试试看!

36. You can do it. 你办得到的!

37. Excellent! Great! 极佳的表现!

38. You did it right. 你真的做对了!

39. You’ve been very good today. 你今天好乖哦!

40. Correct answer. 答对了。

41. That’s suitable for you. 真适合你!

42. Good girl. 好女孩!

43. Good boy. 好男孩!

44. Good memory. 记性真好啊!

45. You still remember. 你还记得呢!

46. Wow! You’re so smart. 哇!你真聪明!

47. Fabulous! 太妙了!

48. Not bad. 不错呀!

49. Nice job. 做得不错!

50. You are on the right track. 你走对路了!

51. You almost did it. 你快要做到了!

52. You worked so hard. 你好认真哦!

53. I am proud of you. 我真以你为荣!

54. Very good! 非常好!

55. Good idea. 好主意!

56. That is so fantastic. 那实在太好了!

57. I like what you did. 我很喜欢那样!

58. I am so grateful. 真令人感激!

59. You are getting better and better. 你越做越好了!

60. You really did it. 你真的做到了。


61. That’s much better. 好多了。

62. You can make it. 你可以办得到。

63. Cool. 帅呆了。

64. Take it easy. 慢慢来,不要紧张!

65. You’ll do better next time. 下次一定会更好!

66. You read quite well. 你读得非常好!

67. You speak fluently. 你说得很流利!

68. How cute you are! 你好可爱哦!

69. How interesting. 好有趣哦!

70. I like you very much. 我很喜欢你!

71. Super. 太棒了!

72. That’s neat. 好棒哦!

73. That’s lovely. 真是太可爱了!

74. Well done. 做得真好!

75. That’s fine. 做得很好哦!

76. Very good indeed! 真是太好了。

77. You’ve done that better than last time. 比上次好多了。

78. Good answer. 回答得真好!

79. You have many good ideas. 你的好主意真多!

80. That’s a very good point. 真是好主意!

81. Clap your hands. 拍拍手!

82. Let’s give her a big hand. 为她拍拍手!

83. You are a master. 你几乎是大师了!

84. You learned a lot. 你真的学到不少东西嘛!

85. You have a very good beginning. 你有很多的开始了!

86. You made me so happy. 你真是让我感到快乐!

87. Thank you so much. 谢谢你呀!

88. I am so proud of you. 我真以你为荣!

89. Great! 了不起!

90. I’ll help you. 我会帮助你!

91. You cando better than that. 你会做得更好!

92. Go! Go! Go! 加油!加油!加油!

93. Go on! Have a try at it. 加油!试试看!

94. Good luck. 祝你好运!

95. Brilliant! 太妙了!

96. How amazing. 真是太棒了!

97. That’s what I was looking for. 这正是我要的东西!

98. What a beautiful picture. 真是好美的一幕!

99. You are so nice. 你真好!

100. You are a good helper. 你真是好帮手!